Meet the Creative Director

Established in 2016, Brushwood Floral Design is an events based floral business owned and operated by Brianna Iturra in her South West Sydney home studio. 


What started out as a creative medium for dealing with anxious thoughts, Brianna's love for flowers grew into an ever unravelling curiosity to learn and create. Whilst already working as a secondary education teacher, Brianna decided to step out of her comfort zone and step back into the classroom to learn about the wonderful world of floristry. 


Inspired by a love for natural shapes, shades and textures, Brushwood Floral Design seeks to create organic and loosely structured floral arrangements for weddings and events. Brianna and her team love incorporating a mix of seasonal native Australian flowers and traditional blooms in their arrangements in order to create that distinctive Brushwood style.

If she's not teaching or floralling up a wedding, you can find Brianna cooking, sharing meals with friends or snowboarding down a mountain with her husband. 


Brianna is so thankful to all her past couples who have trusted her to execute their floral vision.


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