You may have no idea where to start - and that's ok! Let us help you out..We are a wedding and event floral design business that will help you navigate through this planning process!

"what can my floral budget actually get me?"

If you're currently planning your wedding, I'm sure that this thought has crossed your mind.  This resource provides examples of what 3 different couples could potentially receive based on their wedding floral budget. 

I hope you enjoy!  

my best Recommendations for sticking to your budget

In a world with Pinterest and Instagram, it is so easy to find beautiful inspiration for your wedding. As great as this is, it can prove to be complex when it comes to budgeting for wedding flowers. It doesn't matter if you're sticking to a $2000 or $10,000 budget, here are some of my favourite tips for keeping costs down.

Autumnal Tones. 🍂.jpg

The brushwood
bridal table guide

Wanting to make a statement on your bridal table but not too sure what your options are? 

Get your pretty little hands on our free guide to your Bridal Table options.



Do you have set wedding packages?
How much should I allocate for my Flower Budget?
Do you have a minimum spend
for weddings?
How far in advance should I book?
Can I make any changes after I pay my deposit?


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